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WINTERTHUR, Afro-Pfingst-festival (Start 15h15) - Ubuntu Bühne
22 MAI 2021
KÖLN, Yard Club
02 OKT 2021
HAMBURG, Stage Club
08 OKT 2021
09 OKT 2021
16 OKT 2021
23 OKT 2021
29 OKT 2021
Hannover, Muz
30 OKT 2021

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BOCHUM, Kultur-Mag. Lothringen
01 NOV 2019
HEILIGENHAVEN, Cologne Pride Beach Motel "Holyharbour Soul Session"
06 JUL 2019
RODGAU, Maximal Kulturini.
23 MAR 2019
BONN, Harmonie
30 JAN 2019
BAMBERG, Live-Club
25 JAN 2019
JENA, Volksbad
19 JAN 2019
check out tour data 2018
24 NOV 2018
KÖLN, Kulturbunker Mülh.
10 NOV 2018
20 OKT 2018
BERLIN, Privatclub
13 OKT 2018
HANNOVER, Béi Ché Heinz
12 OKT 2018
ESSEN, Zeche Carl
02 OKT 2018
DÜSSELDORF, Weltkunstzimmer
21 SEP 2018
MÜNCHEN, Bellevue
15 SEP 2018
DRESDEN, Scheune
08 SEP 2018
LEIPZIG, Täubchenthal
07 SEP 2018
BACKNANG, B. Straßenfest
22 JUN 2018
BAMBERG, Bootshaus Rest.
21 APR 2018
KOBLENZ, Circus Maximus
20 JAN 2018
EINLASS, Stadtgarten
13 JAN 2018
check out tour data 2017
KIEL, Max Nachttheater
09 DEZ 2017
KÖLN, Bürgerz. Ehrenfeld
08 DEZ 2017
02 DEZ 2017
AUGSBURG, Festival
30 NOV 2017
ESSEN, Zeche Carl
25 NOV 2017
PADERBORN, Kulturwerkstatt
24 NOV 2017
LÜBECK, Werkhof
18 NOV 2017
HAMBURG, Honigfabrik
17 NOV 2017
04 NOV 2017
BAMBERG, Bootshaus
28 OKT 2017
DÜSSELDORF, Konzertsaal Hans-Peter-Z.-Stiftung
14 OKT 2017
JENA, Volksbad
07 OKT 2017
ERFURT, Stadtgarten
06 OKT 2017
30 SEP 2017
OSNABRÜCK, Lagerhalle
29 SEP 2017
MÜNCHEN, Schlachthof
23 SEP 2017
KREFELD, Kulturfabrik
15 SEP 2017
check out tour data 2016
PADERBORN, Kulturwerkstatt
03 DEZ 2016
HANNOVER, Kulturpalast Linden
02 DEZ 2016
BERLIN, Tempodrom
18 NOV 2016
17 NOV 2016
ESSEN, Walkabout
11 NOV 2016
STUTTGART, Club Zentral
04 NOV 2016
FRANKFURT, Nachtleben
03 NOV 2016
KÖLN, Bürgerzentr. Ehrenfeld
28 OKT 2016
BOCHUM, Studio 108
26 OKT 2016
HAGEN, Kultopia
24 SEP 2016
FRECHEN, Trafostation61 Festival
13 AUG 2016
check out tour data 2015
MÜNCHEN, Backstage
05 DEZ 2015
PADERBORN, Kulturwerkstatt
14 NOV 2015
ESSEN, Katakomben Theater
03 OKT 2015
REGENSBURG, Alte Mälzerei
05 SEP 2015
MÜNCHEN, Feierwerk/Orangehouse
04 SEP 2015
BERLIN, Magnet Club
20 AUG 2015
KÖLN, Stollwerck
01 AUG 2015


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Julius Lahai new album is coming up

new album is coming up 2021!

We are proud to announce Julius Lahai is working on his new album in his final phase! Stay up to date @social media and website and find out the release date very soon. #JuliusLahaiNewAlbum

Corona break 2020

Unfortunately we have to cancel all planned live performances of Julius Lahai since the corona virus took place strongly. Stay healthy and keep your hope and happyness in this times. #StayHome

Julius Lahai Tour 2021

Check out the tour 2021

2021 is the year of new breathtaking live performances of Julius Lahai. Take the opportunity and experience great feelings in an unforgetable atmosphere. More in this page at #TourAndTickets

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Julius Lahai mixes great genres and creates with his enjoyable performances unforgetable experiences.

Julius Lahai really used his 15 minutes of success, when he participated as a 7 year old in a television talent show in Libera. It kickstarted his career as an extraordinary musician and entertainer. Only five years after his first perfomance, Julius Lahai toured as a teenager with his own founded boygroup "The Robotics" through Liberia. There he experienced many different music styles, which took influence in his music until today. His first record deal Julius Lahai made in Paris in 1994. Since then he decided to perform the most of his time in Europe. Today Julius Lahai is not only a musician, he also examined as choreographer, and is a passionated dancer and entertainer. Further he composes all his songs himself in the real and passionated old-school way. In summary you can say, Julius Lahai is a really extraordinary musician, dancer and entertainer, putting all his heart in an performance you'll never forget.


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